What are the main criteria for evaluating a digital marketing website?

Almost always, to develop your own strategy for promoting an Internet project, you need to know what is the best way to develop your product. But how to make such an analysis? What you need to pay attention to and how to use the data? In this publication, we will write down an approximate algorithm of actions for external analysis of the website and other resources, how to get the data correctly and how to use it. Depending on your needs and the level of competition, you can use only a part of the proposed analysis stages. 

Analysis stages

1. Website. There are a lot of different things you have to check on your website. Actually, the best way to analyze your website is to find some good seo agency nyc based, that will be able to handle this task. It includes SEO analyzes, website functionality and some other important areas.

2. Social networks. Here you will need to check the number of subscribers, the frequency of activities and the reaction rate to comments from the brand, mention. Pay attention to whether the competitor has a developed content policy on social networks, how active the audience is, what is the tone of the appeal to the brand. Why do you need to analyze it? It gives an opportunity to understand what do you have in social networks, what resources are spent on its support, how the audience treats the brand, what it likes and does not like the most.

3. Affiliate programs. About 30% of all the website revenue get through affiliate marketing. It is necessary to check if the website has its own affiliate program, how it is supported – its development or use ready-made solutions of CPA-networks. What are the conditions on the offer: the level of remuneration, permitted methods of attracting traffic, bonuses for volumes, geography, promotional materials, etc. Why do you need to analyze it? You will find out what percentage of the profit is willing to give to partners, what channels of promotion the website uses independently, with which it may be interested in partners (rewards, technical sales, promotions, support, etc.). On the basis of such an analysis, it is possible to create better proposals, or vice versa, to justify the rejection of this type of promotion.

4. Site satellites, separate landing pages. Sites are used to support the main domain in seo optimization, partner stores are created to increase sales from the main one, as well as individual landing pages that are not tied to the main domain. Why do you need to analyze it? The discovery of additional resources is able to completely change the idea of the channels of promotion of your website. So, besides the main site, a network of niche blogs appears with its development strategy, individual sites – which go out along with the main one, landing pages, tailored to a specific audience and traffic channels.

5. Applications. In social networks, for mobile platforms. Why they were created and what value they bear to the user, how popular they are, how the mechanics of promotion of the main product are integrated into them. Why do you need to analyze it? It determines what value it carries to the brand, whether it is effectively used, how interesting the audience is. Do you need to create some better solutions or is it a waste of resources.

6. Email marketing attachments. Email is one of the most effective sales methods. All the major players in the e-commerce market diligently protect their subscriber bases. However, not everyone knows how to work with it efficiently. You need to find out: what types of email subscriptions exist, the quality of the letters sent (design, copywriting, value), whether there is personalization of offers, special promotions for subscribers, etc.