Top DevOps Service Providers

With DevOps growing in popularity, IT companies are trying to implement its practices in their teams. They have two options: either hire DevOps engineers and grow the DevOps team from scratch or turn to DevOps outsourcing companies.

What of these two choices is yours it’s up to you. However, both of them have their advantages and drawbacks you should be aware of. As such, we decided to discuss DevOps methodology here, what benefits it has for a business, what is DevOps as a service and what top DevOps service providers we know. 

What is DevOps? 

DevOps has been with us since 2010 and appeared from merging two terms ‘developers’ and ‘operations’. The main idea was to combine two key terms of the software development process which grew into something more real and efficient.  DevOps — is an approach or a combination of practices and principles that promote and reinforce agile software delivery methodology. With DevOps, teams become more productive, allowing businesses to produce more, improve quality and save money. According to the State of DevOps Report, companies that use DevOps hit their profitability and customer satisfaction targets. Here are the main benefits of DevOps:

  1. Fast software delivery. With the right DevOps methods, companies deliver new high-quality and customer-focused products/features fast.
  2. Process automation. With DevOps, processes are fully automated which reduces toil and failure rates. Like deployment automation.
  3. Effective collaboration. The software development process is more transparent with DevOps allowing teams to effectively collaborate which significantly improves their productivity.

Bottom line: DevOps as a service, yes or no? 

DevOps is all about streamlining and automating the software development process to deliver high-quality products as fast as possible. That’s why so many IT companies in the world are seeking ways to implement DevOps in their flow. If this is the case, you have two options. One is to develop your in-house DevOps team or at least hire a DevOps engineer for him to work on streamlining SDCL (software development lifecycle) phases. And one more option is to address a professional DevOps outsourcing company that provides services utilizing best DevOps practices. Here we present some great DevOps companies in the USA you can turn to.

  • Veritis is a global IT consulting services provider based out of Texas, the United States that focuses on delivering high value to clients through integrated, reliable, responsive and cost-effective solutions. Veritis has been a trusted partner to several small, medium and large companies enabling businesses to overcome critical business challenges. They hold profound experience and expertise in providing solutions for complex IT implementation projects and integrating emerging technologies in a dynamic environment.
  • Contino is a leading transformation consultancy that helps large, heavily regulated enterprises to become fast, agile and competitive. Contino assesses your maturity and creates a cutting-edge strategy to help you succeed. They build everything from initial lighthouse projects to enterprise-grade platforms and products. What’s more, Contino gives your people the skills they need to be competitive in a cloud-native world.
  • Sogeti. As a part of the Capgemini Group, Sogeti operates in more than 100 locations globally. Working closely with clients and partners to take full advantage of the opportunities of technology, Sogeti can help you to manage the DevOps implementation and optimization of each of the three key elements of your digital transformation.
  • IT Svit. is a DevOps company that specializes in the delivery of stable, reliable and cost-efficient DevOps Services to companies in the USA and throughout the world. It Svit consists of dedicated teams with 15 years of expertise in IT outsourcing and more than 5 years in DevOps as a service. IT Svit professionals utilize the best DevOps practices, cloud features and tools to design, carry out and operate cost-effective cloud infrastructure together with automation of all the cycles.