Tips for novice Instagram bloggers

In this article, we are going to name a few important tips that can be helpful for a beginning blogger. If you just created your profile and want to raise your account status, you should also buy instagram followers. Otherwise, your profile will not be credible.

Top tips

  1. Choose a niche that you like. No one wants to go to an office with gray walls and do a job that does not bring the slightest bit of pleasure. On Instagram, the same pattern applies. You don’t have to blindly follow trends. Do only what you really know and can be useful.
  2. Provide information about yourself. Meet the clothes you wear, and, of course, your profile cap. Grab the attention of your followers by providing as much information about yourself as possible. It should be interesting, fresh and original, so forget monosyllabic and vapid sentences. Use your imagination!
  3. Tell stories. Want to be a successful blogger, attract an active audience and make money from advertising? You’ll have to do a lot of work, and just pretty pictures won’t do. Write compelling stories with “catchy” headlines to build an emotional connection with your subscribers. Your personal stories should be true, because otherwise your followers will sense the falsity.
  4. Monitor your stats. Constantly monitor your subscribers’ activity. Also experiment with types of content to see which posts your audience responds more friendly to. Pay attention to the number of monthly unsubscribes. If it does not exceed the threshold of 0.2% – there is no reason to worry, this is normal.
  5. Use hashtags. Do not forget about geotags and hashtags. Most users of Instagram to this day are looking for relevant profiles using these methods. In order not to get lost in the crowd, come up with your own original tag that reflects the concept of the blog. You can also use the # to make it easy for subscribers to navigate your account.
  6. Keep an eye on the feed. Your photos should not only be beautiful, but also similar in concept and style. Many bloggers choose a specific type of photo treatment, such as an overall color scheme or composition.
  7. Connect a business account. This is necessary in order to have access to detailed statistics. The data will be very useful when working with brands and companies. Another indisputable advantage of a business profile is the ability to promote it. By setting up a promotion for one of your publications, you’ll be able to generate additional engagement.
  8. Engage with your audience. Run contests and polls, post stories, leave calls to action below your posts, and respond to comments from your followers. Simply put, don’t let your audience get bored.
  9. Post content all the time. You should flicker into your subscribers’ feeds every day. Yes, it’s difficult, but studies have shown that increasing the frequency of posting can significantly increase engagement rates. Just don’t overwhelm your followers with tons of ads and low-quality photos. Approach it wisely and make a content plan beforehand. 

Even if you have decided to buy 1 million instagram followers or have already become a popular blogger, our tips will be useful for interacting with your audience.