Google AdWords Basics: The Definitive Guide For Beginner’s

Start from the Google Adwords basics and maximize your revenue from the Google ads.

Don’t you think that if you have something good everyone should know about it? Of course Yes! Similarly, even the well-designed websites need to be familiar with the people if you want to make the best out of it. Enhance your business reach and make people familiar with your website and business.

This is one of the great approaches to grab the chunks of potential customers. A great weapon that can help your website to get the attention of the visitors is Google Adwords. Google ads have emerged as a powerful advertising platform that has helped several businesses in their success journey.

Hence, to make the best utilization of this platform it’s better to start from the Google Adwords basics. Starting from the Google Adwords basics, you can easily eliminate even the trivial errors that can affect the efficiency of the Ads. Before diving into the best way to use it, understanding Google AdWords is more important.

Google Adwords is a powerful advertising platform created by Google. To use this platform, you have to bid on certain keywords relevant to your business and have to pay with each Ad click. Using Google Ads you can easily give an immediate boost to website ranking and maximize the reach of your business.

These Ads generally appear above the organic search results. Thus, attracting many eyeballs.

But The Ad Will Appear On The Top This Is Not Necessary Because Ad Ranking Depends On:

  • The bidding amount or maximum CPC
  • The quality score of Ad

Let’s Dive Little Deeper To Know More About Quality Score And Its Optimization

Quality score is the most important determiner of the Ad ranking and CPC. This is a kind of parameter to judge the quality of Ad. The quality score of Ad ranges between 1-10. The high-quality score means high quality of Ad. Qualitative ads always secure ranking in the Search engine result pages. On the other hand, it will also lead to low CPC.

Quality Score Optimization

It is quite easy to optimize the quality score if a few factors are taken into consideration very seriously:

  1. Relevancy of Ad
  2. Relevancy of Ad to your landing page
  3. CTR

Focus on writing better and informative Ad copy. 
Furthermore, this will help to collect a good number of clicks and increase your CTR. Good Ad copy is one of the important elements that aid in increasing the quality score.CLICK TO TWEET

Make sure that Ad copy you have created is enriched with highly relevant keywords. Else, the irrelevant keyword will affect the quality of your Ad.

Another prime factor is that an Ad copy must be relevant to the landing page as well. The information contained in the ad must also be there on the landing page. Above illustrated are the ways to optimize the quality score and secure good ranking for your Ad.

How Do I Use Google AdWords Or How Do I Create A Good AdWords Campaign?

Creation of a successful Google Ad is not dependent on a single factor.

In fact, the type of the Ad, pictures, keywords, bidding strategies are some essential components of successful Ad campaigns. Starting from the campaign, every campaign is designed with a specific goal or category. While setting the campaign set the budget and target audience.

In accordance with the category, Ad groups are created. Once you are done with your campaign setting, now it’s time to choose where you want to present your Ads.

There are two types of the network which are:

  • Search network-

Using this network, you can feature your ads on Google search, google maps, google shopping and other partner sites.

  • Display network-

Using this network, you can feature the Ad on youtube, mobile apps, and other partner sites.

Types Of Advertising On Google AdWords-

Search Ads-

Search ads are the most common format of Ads which consist of text. It includes headline, description, links etc. You can limit the visibility of the Ad to a specific location. Furthermore, you can also limit it on the basis of age, gender etc. Text Ads and dynamic search ads are the types of Search Ads.

Text ads appear on the search engine result pages with descriptions, headlines etc. On the other hand, with dynamic search ads, you can target those visitors who are searching on Google the same kind of product or services that you offer.   These ads appear automatically for the search query on the basis of your website content.

Display Ads-

These are the ads that can be easily seen on websites, apps and social media. These type of ads generally consists of visual appeal. Such ads generally appear in the form of banners and other ad formats. Display ads can be enriched with text, videos, audios, pictures, and flash as well.

People make use of display ads to promote their brands and convey the message to the people. Also, it is a good option for general advertising.

Google Shopping Ads-  

Google Shopping ads have worked as a boon for e-commerce stores. Shopping ads have not only enhanced the shopping experience of the people but also helped them in finding the right product in no time.

This ad type allows presenting detailed information about a particular product. Shopping ads are not just limited to present a single product. In fact, using shopping Ads you can showcase several products to your users and maximize your product sales.

Video Ads-

Have you ever came across with the Ads that appear before, during or after the video streaming?

I guess Of course yes!

Apps Ads-

Usage of apps has become quite common these days.

And to target the app users, app ads have come up as a powerful option.

There is a large segment of people who are still more indulged in their mobile phones rather than desktop or laptops.App ads make it easy to target the app users by making the ads appear on the apps.CLICK TO TWEET

On the other hand, advertiser also has the scope of running the app promotion ads. If the motive is to make the users download the app, then this can be a great option to consider. Using app install ads, you can easily go for click to download ads.

With a single click on the ads, you can make the people download the apps that you want him to do so. Check out some best practices that will definitely help you to maximize the results from the Ad campaigns.