Animal passion in sex, aggressive sex

Many couples are openly afraid to engage in aggressive types of sex because it is possible to harm your partner during such intimacy. Although it is difficult to get pleasure from this process in other ways. Especially if you use products from During such intimacy, you will be able to splash out your emotions.

Is it possible to have aggressive sex

Love implies care and tenderness, which should be shown to your other half. It consists of respect and spiritual closeness. At the same time, experts say that the desire to have rough sex, does not affect the respect for the partner or change the relationship with him. Aggression in sexual intimacy is not a tool with which to humiliate or punish your partner. During such attraction, you can share fantasies and by targeting aggression in moderation, you may not be held back in your emotions. 

Otherwise, it is not always possible to achieve satisfaction. When rudeness crosses certain boundaries and cannot be curbed, it is already considered violence, which is not acceptable. It is necessary to find the right balance for sexual intercourse, when you can free your body from various prohibitions and indulge in passionate sexual fantasies.

Some interesting facts

Psychologists have conducted studies on the results of which it was proved that the number of men who dream about violent sex is much higher than women. Only a small number of people were able to communicate such desires to their mates. Evaluating history, we can conclude that male aggression is purposeful and comes from ancient times, when rudeness was expressed in the humiliation of women.

When a man is unable to show animal passion to the fullest extent, it may indicate a psychological block that is in his head. There may be several reasons for such a block:

  • Various complexes associated with an unattractive body;
  • Subconscious level conflicts that may be present from childhood memories when you unwittingly witnessed violence;
  • Stereotypes that have been derived from public opinion.

The manifestation of sexual aggression must be facilitated by the opportunity he has received. By letting go of your desires, you can take your relationship with your wife or girlfriend to the next level, and your orgasm will become more vivid and powerful. Psychologists believe that with aggression and passion, anyone can perfectly self-actualize. For a woman, this process will be an opportunity to get rid of the fear of losing control. A man will be able to get what he wants and relieve accumulated stress.

Orgasm with such intimacy can be very vivid. For this, you can start doing various experiments, such as sex in unfamiliar places. Try to make love in the hallway or on the kitchen table. Do not limit yourself. Sexologists recommend doing everything without foreplay, just take off your clothes and proceed with what you have planned. You should also try using specialized products that will help make sex even brighter. You can buy them here